Homeschooling because of Covid-19? Check out these free resources!

It’s hard to believe how much our lives have shifted with the onset and spread of Covid-19. In many ways, it feels like my life has done a complete 180, and maybe yours does too. For me, this has been no more apparent than in the fact that I am now homeschooling my son because of Covid-19.

We live in Missouri, and two weeks ago, our schools shut down in favor of moving to virtual learning. While I absolutely support this, in effort to keep us all healthy, it’s been safe to say that home school is not the same as in-classroom learning, and I quickly realized I would have to supplement my son’s “school day” in order to make things work.

An optimist at heart, I realized that now would be a great time to incorporate “official” foreign language lessons as a part of Ben’s school routine, and wanted to share a few great FREE resources with my readers.

(As always, I never recommend a product that I don’t already use, nor is this an ad. While I’ve spoken with the owners of the below mentioned products, I receive no compensation for this post- I truly just believe in the companies and their products!)



Gus on the Go

If we’ve been friends for any amount of time, my love for this app & company is no secret. Our family has personally used Gus on the Go for years, and for good reason- it’s one of the best language software applications for kids that I’ve found– and the best part is, they offer their renown app in over 30 languages. So while French is our language of choice, perhaps yours is Hebrew. Or even Greek- Gus on the Go has got you covered!

What I love about Gus on the Go is that it’s the perfect option, regardless of age, for those just beginning their language learning journey, or parents wanting to help support their multi-lingual children.

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Another thing I love about Gus on the Go is that it’s the perfect blend of fun and education- my son didn’t even realize that he was learning a foreign language.

With Gus on the Go, children have little “lessons”, and play a variety of games to earn trophies along their journey. This competition made my son consistently want to come back for more, and made me one happy mama!

But what sets Gus on the Go apart from other language learning apps, is the amount of content available. As a bilingual parent, I tend to think that I am more critical of language learning software, and time and again have been impressed with Gus on the Go. In addition to the original app, they also have a “Stories” app, which focuses on reading and longer sentences, so as your child begins to master the vocabulary, they can continue to grow. This extensive repository has made homeschooling because of Covid-19 easier than I could have hoped!

I recently spoke with Alice, from Gus on the Go, (who, as a side-note, is one of the most wonderful and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” ), and if anyone is interested in the French version of the software, they are giving away codes on their Facebook page here. Another great resource they offer are their printables for purchase, which are a great addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom!



Coffee Break Academy – High Five French & High Five Spanish

Is your child in elementary school and reading? Perhaps already with a little exposure to a foreign language? Coffee Break Academy offers a great online program for kiddos who are taking the next step in their language learning during this period of homeschooling- High Five French & High Five Spanish.

Image by Coffee Break Languages (Free Language Resources for Learning at Home)

Each program is “taught” by children in an easy-to-understand format, and what is equally great, is that each lesson is taught in multiple ways. There is a video section, a radio section, a reading section, and written section to appeal to the different learning styles.

After speaking with the representatives at Coffee Break Academy, I’m happy to let you know that for the next 3 months, they have made both High Five French and High Five Spanish free! (These programs typically run around $100!) You can find more information and access the programs here.


While these are unprecedented times with homeschooling because of Covid-19, I believe all we can do is stay positive, support one another and rest in the fact that this too shall pass. While I don’t know when that day may be, or how long us parents will be homeschooling, it’s my hope that these resources help you and your family, as they have helped mine.



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